Identify the Symptoms Of Lymphoma and Learn How To Treat This Disease

Symptoms Of Lymphoma In Men

Symptoms Of Lymphoma In Men


The unique edge of lymphoma over other cancers is its ability to not only start anywhere in the body, but to also have access to travel to anywhere in the body as well. Due to this wide scope of parts, symptoms of lymphoma in men and women can often be misdiagnosed as other things.

There isn’t much that differentiates the way lymphoma affects men from how it affects women. The symptoms are virtually the same, with perhaps just a little variation in regard to female attributes. But lymphoma, as a cancer of different types, does seem to favor one gender over the other. Hodgkin’s disease, a lymphoma mostly defined by its systematic spreading of cancer throughout the lymphatic system and body, rather than the uncontrollable and aggressive growth of malignant tumors, is more commonly contracted by males. Apart from a higher risk of getting it though, there is nothing much unique about the symptoms of lymphoma in men that couldn’t be found in women as well. These symptoms are:

Lymphoma, being caused by cancerous cells growing into tumors among lymphatic tissue, has as one of its manifestations, the painless swelling and/or appearance of lumps in necks, groins, underarms, abdomens and pelvis areas. Hodgkins has these symptoms of lymphoma in men more commonly found in the upper body. This doesn’t not automatically prove lymphoma though, since this can also point to other underlying conditions.

Other Symptoms Of Lymphoma In Men


symptoms of lymphoma in menOther symptoms of lymphoma in men, as well asĀ  women, that are not exclusive to the cancer are intermittent fever, pain in the lower trunk, insistent tiredness, rapid loss of weight, and shortness of breath. Individually, they can be caused by many other ailments, but when they appear around the same time, then a visit to the doctor is very much advised. Persistent health problems should always warrant a medical check-up, even more so when there are multiple afflictions.

Night sweats, or extreme sweating during sleep, is more telling of the symptoms of lymphoma in men than the others. When the body starts doing this, one of the main causes would automatically be pointed out as cancer. Of course, hormonal problems may also be the reason but apart from abnormal glands, lymphoma is a big cause of many of those who go through night sweats.

On the other hand, sudden itchiness throughout the body, though sounding normal and uninteresting, is an even more unique symptom that leads almost directly to a lymphoma diagnosis. This itchiness is caused by secretions into the skin made by malfunctioning lymphatic cells.

It is easy to not see the right answer immediately when presented with this puzzle. The clues are pedestrian enough, save for a couple, to lead people away from thinking of a disease as serious as cancer. Still, it bears saying, that Hodgkin’s lymphoma is among the first to prove treatable through chemotherapy. So an early catch of this cancer, as it was presented in the ambiguous set of symptoms of lymphoma in men and women can lead to a faster cure.

If you fear that you may have the symptoms of lymphoma in men then you should immediately arrange an appointment with your family doctor.

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